Alarm Tips

  • Make sure your motion sensors are professionally installed and calibrated
  • Check with the alarm company before and after remodeling work to make sure electrical and communication lines are not disturbed
  • Make sure that everyone who can let themselves in or out of your premises knows how to arm and disarm the system
  • Insist that you are trained on your alarm system. Don't let the installer just hand you a manual and walk away
  • Routine maintenance and proper operation of your system will help prevent unwanted alarms: include your alarm system updates in your regular home maintenance calendar
  • Have your system inspected after an unverifiable alarm
  • Inspect your window and door jambs regularly, checking for warping, poor fitting, or loose paint and varnish
  • If you have pets, be sure they are in an area not covered by motion sensors
  • Replace your system's main backup battery every 3-5 years